User Experience Designer

Over the last 12 years, millions of people have used VoiceThread to express their ideas online, using their own voices to convey subtle complexity and allow listeners to absorb their meaning as if they were speaking face to face. VoiceThreading is an asynchronous digital experience that feels a lot like an analog experience, and it turns out that people like that.

Our team is seeking to add a user experience specialist. The role will require:

  • Structured UX design experience
  • Strong empathic skills
  • A goldilocks ego, not too hot, not too cold
  • Someone curious by nature

The UX Designer at VoiceThread is a role that will evolve over time; however, initially it will be to take ownership of ongoing projects, working with developers and the product development team to identify user experience gaps and inconsistencies in the project specifications. Projects are created by a front-of-the-house product development team that knows the broad community of users well, understands the business needs, and has a clear and consistent long term strategy. The UX Designer at VoiceThread will be the bridge between that vision and a full specification for developers.

After the UX Designer has gained more experience with the platform, its users, and the development team, they will take on more responsibility for product development in general. One of the great benefits of working at company like VoiceThread is the collaborative nature of role development. Roles and responsibilities will be created and defined by working together, avoiding square-peg-in a-round-hole scenarios, and developing a sustainable and rewarding long term relationship with the company.

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